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SmartScale 210 PKG SmartScale 210 PKG

Included in package - Smartscale 210, loadbars and platform

Large easy to read display with simple to use with large rotary selector knob   

Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage shutdown

Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing: Auto, Manual or Fine weighing

Up to nine way sorting: weight, EID number, gate etc

Stores 21,000 animals and 60,000 records in memory 

Region Available: Canada



Small Flock Drencher Small Flock Drencher

Used for administering dewormers and oral medicine to sheep and goats

Brass ball on end prevents tissue damage

Marked in 5 ml increments up to 30 ml

Simple and durable.

No risk of needle sticks to human handlers when drenching.

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Small Scale Sheep Keeping Sheep Small Scale Sheep Keeping

Sheep offers both neophyte and seasoned sheep keepers a wealth of information for healthy, thriving flocks.

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 1000 Fence Energizer Speedrite 1000 Fence Energizer

1.3J stored

1J output

10 miles / 40 acres

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 12000i Fence Energizer Speedrite 12000i Fence Energizer

16J stored

12J output

90 miles / 450 acres

Maximum Power Factor 90 miles

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 18000i Fence Energizer Speedrite 18000i Fence Energizer

24J stored

18 J output

Powers up to 110 ha / 270 acres (180 km) of fence wire

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 2000 Fence Energizer Speedrite 2000 Fence Energizer

2.7J stored

2J output

10 miles / 80 acres

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 3000 Fence Energizer Speedrite 3000 Fence Energizer

4.5J stored

3J output

30 miles / 120 acres

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 36000RS Fence Energizer Speedrite 36000RS Fence Energizer

54J stored

36J output

220 miles / 2,500 acres

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite 6000i Fence Energizer Speedrite 6000i Fence Energizer

9J stored

6J output

60 miles / 240 acres

Region Available: Canada



Speedrite S500 Solar Fence Energizer Speedrite S500 Solar Fence Energizer

Ideal if you are a small block holder or are looking to power a small run off.

Powers up to 5 miles (20 acres) of fence

0.50 J maximum output energy 

0.63 J stored energy

Region Available: Canada



Stable Smarts Stable Smarts

Pages 312 by Heather Smith Thomas
Storey Publishing 

Sensible advice, quick fixes, and time-tested wisdom from an Idaho Horsewoman. 

Whether you’ve been working with horses for 4 months or 40 years, there’s always something new to learn from other horse people - a quick tip or handy timesaver that’s new to you.

Region Available: Canada



Stone Tattoo Kit Stone Tattoo Kit
To tattoo your animals for identification purposes

Region Available: Canada



Storey’s Basic Country Skills Storey’s Basic Country Skills

This is the book for anyone who wants to become more self-reliant, from suburbanites with 1/4 of an acre to country homesteaders with several.

The information is easily understood and readily applicable.

More than 150 of Storey's expert authors in gardening, building, animal raising, and homesteading share their specialized knowledge and experience in this ultimate guide to living a more independent, satisfying life.

Region Available: Canada



Storey’s Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle & Pigs Storey’s Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle & Pigs

Learn how to improve the day-to-day operation as well as the profitability of your farm by raising healthier, more contented animals. 

This book will appeal to anyone interested in North American livestock — small-scale farmers, conservationists, agricultural historians, gourmets, biodiversity champions, animal lovers, and anyone dreaming about crafting fibers from sheep and goats. This indispensable reference showcases North American livestock breeds for what they truly are, fascinating, stunning, and endlessly varied.

Region Available: Canada



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