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Feed Scoops Feed Scoops
A variety of scoops to fit all of your livestock and ranch needs.

Region Available: Canada



Shearers Screwdriver Shearers Screwdriver

Two point screw driver designed for changing combs and cutters 

Octagonal handle for excellent grip and longer blades for better tensioning.

Region Available: Canada



Shearers Comb Brush Shearers Comb Brush
A very useful brush to remove the sticky sheep grease lanolin, from the combs.

Region Available: Canada



Shearwell Management SET Tags Shearwell Management SET Tags

Management SET tags from Shearwell Data Ltd (non-RFID) for sheep and lambs.

These tags are meant as a way to ID for lambs or sheep. For on farm use only.

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Balling Gun Sheep Balling Gun
Plastic balling gun for sheep, lambs and calves

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Bells - Rectangular #8 Sheep Bells - Rectangular #8
Rectangular bells made of copper plate with strong iron strap loop

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Blanket - Large Sheep Blanket - Large

A popular blanket used throughout North America

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Blanket - Medium Sheep Blanket - Medium

A popular blanket used throughout North America

Region Available: Canada



Sheepdogs My Faithful Friends Sheepdogs My Faithful Friends

An enjoyable and informative look at the world of sheepdogs and their handlers. 

Also covers Preparing for Trials, Wise Dogs, Shepherding & Breeding Counts.

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Hood Sheep Hood
High quality cotton duck fabric

Region Available: Canada



Sheepskin Sheepskin

Sheepskin has been used for centuries not only because it is soft and warm, but also because there are lots of health benefits.

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Web Halters Sheep Web Halters
5/8" nylon halter with 6' detachable lead

Region Available: Canada



The Shepherd's Heart The Shepherd's Heart

The Last of the Alpine Shepherds in Canada 

Ian has been shepherding the woolly sheep since he was 16 and shepherding the people sheep from the age of 24.

Region Available: Canada



Shepherd's Dog Whistle - Plastic Shepherd's Dog Whistle - Plastic

Plastic whistle. 

Piercing tone obtained by manipulation of tongue.

The Shepherd's dog whistle has evolved over the years to help shepherds & others work with "four-legged" field helpers.

The whistle allows commands to carry farther and without the user's vocal inflection interfering with the commands.

Region Available: Canada



SI-RO-MARK Marking Fluid - 1 litre SI-RO-MARK Marking Fluid - 1 litre

SI-RO-MARK fluid is the only sheep marking fluid approved as properly scourable by all of the world's leading wool processors.

Region Available: Canada



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