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Suevia Drinking Bowl Suevia Drinking Bowl
Model 10P

Region Available: Canada



Super Sharp Foot Rot Shears Super Sharp Foot Rot Shears

Excellent for small hands and 4H groups.

Region Available: Canada



Sure Foot Bath Sure Foot Bath

Durable 4ft foot bath for hoof treatments or for providing water to waterfowl

Region Available: Canada



Tally Counter Tally Counter

0 to 9999 push button operation, chrome plated with instant reset.

Region Available: Canada



Tan Your Hide Tan Your Hide
The how-to book for tanning leathers and furs including a special section on working with leather

Region Available: Canada



Tattoo Characters Tattoo Characters
Tattoo characters for use with Ketchum or Stone tattoo pliers and ink.

Region Available: Canada



Tattoo Inks Tattoo Inks

A permanent ink for the life of the animal.

Available in paste or liquid roll-on, green or black ink

Region Available: Canada



Tattoo Ink 5oz Tattoo Ink 5oz

A permanent ink for the life of the animal.

Available in green paste 5oz 

Region Available: Canada



Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer


A six second digital thermometer that is dependable and easy to measure body temperatures in a variety of animals. 

The thermometer is lightweight and features the latest technology with four-digit LCD display for pinpoint accuracy. 

Region Available: Canada



How to Think like a Horse How to Think like a Horse
Horse trainer and instructor Cherry Hill believes that every human/horse relationship benefits from a greater human understanding of what motivates horses, how they experience the world, what makes them happy, and what worries them.

Journey through the equine mind with Hill as she explores what makes a horse tick.

Region Available: Canada



Gallagher TSi Integrated Weigh Scale Gallagher TSi Integrated Weigh Scale

Intergraded weigh scale, computer and animal management system

Animal weighing and data collection system enabling improved livestock management and performance

Region Available: Canada



Udderly EZ Milker Udderly EZ Milker

For Sheep & Goats 

Comes complete with pump, bottles, extraction tubes and inserts. 

The safest and most effective milk and colostrum collection device available today.

Region Available: Canada



Ukal Tip-Tagger Ukal Tip-Tagger
Ukals Tip-tag applicator to be used with Tip-tags

Region Available: Canada



Ukal Tip-Tags Ukal Tip-Tags

Easy & affordable way to ID your sheep for temporary use in flock.

For on farm use only. Not meant for long term use.

Region Available: Canada



V-Lytes V-Lytes

80 gram pouch

Water Soluble Nutrient, Electrolyte Powder for Oral Use in Calves

As an aid in the treatment/prevention of dehydration, acidosis and electrolyte imbalance in calves with diarrhea.

Does not interfere with milk digestion and can be given to suckling and milk fed calves

Region Available: Canada



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