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Gallagher TSi Integrated Weigh Scale

Gallagher TSi Integrated Weigh Scale

Price: $5979.37  | 

Intergraded weigh scale, computer and animal management system

Animal weighing and data collection system enabling improved livestock management and performance

Tough farm-ready design for all weather use
Easy to use, full color outdoor readable touch screen
Provides immediate access to detailed animal information, anywhere, at anytime – in the yard or office, or on the farm
Award-winning Animal Performance Systems Software (APS) software with yard mode and office mode interface
Comprehensive drafting capability. Draft by weight, EID number or any other user-defined rule
Full integration with loadbars, EID readers, auto drafters and other management software
Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers and drafters
Internal lithium ion battery provides up to 8 hours continuous use
Speech function delivers audible animal information for hands free operation
1024 MB memory allows storage capacity for at least 100,000 animals
Supplied with hard wearing carry case, memory stick and mounting bracket.

Data collection, recording and access:

APS Yard is intuitive, simple to use and touch operated for rapid recording and retrieval of information on individual animals or groups of animals
APS Office allows comprehensive analysis and reporting of animal information collected previously in yards or on farm, and can be used on either the TSi or Windows PC
Easily customize weighing and data recording sessions to automatically collect specific animal ID, traits, activities, notes and life data
Access individual animal or herd information display screens at the touch of a button, while in the yard
Record observations or future actions required for specific animals, such as withholding periods and unlimited notes per animal
Automatically updates animals’ on farm status (when sold, bought etc.) when an event is added (Session Types and Events)
Accurate livestock inventory reporting - understand exactly how many animals are 'on' or 'off' farm
Stock availability reporting - predict the number of animals within a desired weight range at a given date.

Extra information Warranty:  1 year (2 years if registered online)