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Bucket Teat Unit
[LambBucketTeatUnit ]

Bucket Teat Unit

Price: $8.95  | 

Use for feeding orphan lambs, kids & calves.

Includes one washer, but not a nipple.

Additional washers may also be needed when using thinner walled buckets.

Use our wrench to tighten or loosen the plastic gray "nut".

$8.95 Valve Unit - Includes one washer, one nipple.
$7.95 Wrench to tighten or loosen the plastic gray nut
$0.75  Extra Washers - thin walled buckets require more washers

Insert the teat into the female nut portion of the gray bucket unit. Pull the teat through as far as it will go.

Insert the large male portion of the gray bucket unit into the hole of the bucket.

Screw on the female nut (with the teat already inserted) onto the male portion.

If the nut cannot be screwed tightly enough to make a liquid-proof seal on the bucket wall, then a second washer should be added to the male portion of the gray bucket unit. This usually happens when a slightly thinner sidewall bucket is used.

If the milk flow seems too slow, take a sharp knife and carefully enlarge the "X" slit in the end of the teat.