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Lamb Woolover

Lamb Woolover

Price: $9.50  | 

Lamb Woolovers are a cost effective practical tool to reduce lamb mortality at the critical new born stage (0 - 12) hours after birth. 
They reduce workload because shelter is taken to the lamb in poor weather, no need to deal with lambs in the shed. 
They reduce the risk of rejection in newborn lambs separated from their mother.

They offer maximum protection for the lamb because of the snug, all round fit.
Woolover covers can be left on till docking or tailing with no ill effect.
Evidence exists of the increased growth rate of up to 15%, due to additional warm the and less maintenance needs.
They are easy to use
Lambs can be covered in about 30 seconds
Bonding is generally not impaired
Reusable 2-3 times if removed after 4 days use, weather permitting

Natural colour