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Lister DF642 Handpiece

Lister DF642 Handpiece

Price: $595.00  | 

Featuring a triple bearing design and a balanced crank head for extra smooth and cool running with minimal vibration.

The new Nitro handpiece enables professional and competent casual shearers to shear all day in comfort

Nitro features two bearings in the barrel and an extra bearing in the long half to ensure minimal friction.

It has a twin row bearing by the crank for increased resistance against wear and a unique bearing retainer to securely hold the front bearing for extra durability.

Triple bearing for maximum comfort and speed

Ultra lightweight design combined with a slim-line barrel featuring molded grip and durable flocking provides superior comfort and precision control

Low profile fork yokes to minimize drag for increased speed

Redesigned grips on the body and tension nut for improved comfort and control

High precision cogs, machined with extreme accuracy to run quieter and last longer

Low profile durable rubber joint guard to allow more room for the shearer’s hand and an extended life

Polished back joint and improved joint spring to enable the joint to rotate and swivel with greater ease, for better agility while shearing

New shape comb bed and screws with a superior streamline design for clean, fast entry into the wool

Low profile fork and prongs to reduce drag

Maximized back joint articulation for greater maneuverability on the first blow

Advanced back joint material for prolonged use in the toughest shearing conditions

Increased fork travel for a fuller cut with even the most run-in gear

Safety comb screws with slip-proof notches

Will connect to both solid and flexible drives

Designed and manufactured in the UK