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Laura Lawson Booklets

Laura Lawson Booklets

Price: $6.95  | 

3 Booklets written by Laura Lawson

Chilled & Weak Lambs
Substitues, Tips & Tidbits
Hoof Care

Chilled & Weak Lambs 
If you are raising sheep, farming or breeding sheep, this booklet will help you save lambs.
You will learn how to revive lambs with warming boxes, with an enema, and with dextrose therapy.
You will learn the causes of hypothermia, the symptoms of mild, moderate, and severe hypothermia.
You will learn about vitamin therapy.

Substitutes, Tips & Tidbits - out of stock
Home remedies for diarrhea, pain. bloat etc
For anyone raising sheep, sheep farming, or thinking of having sheep.
From this booklet you will learn how to treat a variety of sheep problems using items found around the house or barn.
All items are practical, inexpensive, and proven.
You will find a formula for milk replacer, bloat treatments, colostrum substitutes, and diarrhea control.
Learn how to reduce swelling, make an eye ointment and bloodstoppers.

Hoof Care 
Trimming, walk through footbath, zinc, injection treatments.
If you are raising sheep, sheep farming, or breeding sheep Hoof Care booklet covers the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders.
Included are Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of hoof problems such as rot, scald, etc.
You will learn about individual treatment of chronic cases, and the importance of using zinc.
A plan for a walk through foot bath is included, complete with drawings and descriptions.