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Lameness in Sheep
[LamenessinSheep ]

Lameness in Sheep

Price: $46.95  | 

This invaluable book has been designed to assist all those who keep sheep in controlling lameness and in maintaining a flock with sound, healthy feet.

Gives accurate diagnosis and control of infectious forms of lameness.

160 pages Hardcover by Agnes C. Winter
Diamond Publishing

Covers equipment needed for efficient foot care.

Treatments and control including foot trimming, foot baths, foot bathing chemicals and the use of vaccine and antibiotics are also shown.

The author has received the George Hedley Award for outstanding services to the sheep industry.

 A comprehensive reference work for all sheep keepers
• Covers all main causes of sheep lameness, including foot, joint and leg problems
• Emphasizes the importance of accurate diagnosis and the control of infectious forms of lameness
• Examines the equipment needed for efficient foot care
• Presents a detailed consideration of the correct methods of treatment and control, including foot trimming, the use of footbaths and foot bathing chemicals, and the administration of vaccine and antibiotics