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Aesculap Clipper Blades

Aesculap Clipper Blades

Price: $38.95  | 

Aesculap GT474 clipper blades for large animals
Power Shearing Machines for Cattle, Sheep and Horses

GT502 - standard 31 tooth top blade 3mm

To shear large animals, you need a shearing machine with plenty of power, high cutting speed and consistent cutting quality that lasts. 
Naturally, at the same time the machine should not weigh too much, to ensure ease of handling. 
In addition, it needs to be quiet, so as not to frighten or stress sensitive animals.



Narrow toothed - Upper/Lower cutter plate - Suitable for
GT501 - GT502 - Cattle and Horses *standard equoment for GT474 and GT367
GT501 - GT511 - Fine shearing 1mm, (e.g. fur)
GT505 - GT502 - Horses and Cattle – for standard shearing(3 mm cutting height)
GT505 - GT508 - Horses, Cattle - for dairy cattle udders
GT505 - GT511 - Horses and Cattle– for very fin, smooth shearing (1 mm cutting height)
GT505 - GT506 - Cattle, Dogs and Goats

Medium toothed - GT505 - GT510 - Dogs and Goats
Wide toothed - GT503 - GT504  - Cattle, sheep with fine wool and single sheeps


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