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Deck Chair

Deck Chair

Price: $205.95  | 

New design!

Premier's Deck Chair holds sheep reliably in a relaxed position which allows the use of both hands to trim feet, tag ears, examine and medicate.

Restrains heavily pregnant ewes without injury.

Benefits By using the deck chair, it allows you to use both hands for working on the animal.
It also saves you from many backaches of trying to hold the animal and work on them at the same time.
It will restrain heavily pregnant ewes without injury to them.
It also allows you to walk away from the animal for more medicine or tools, etc.
How to use deck chair PDF for additional instructions.

To load:
Best location is in the corner of a small pen as this allows catching the animal with the least effort.
Drop the top of the chair over a gate or fence at 45 degree angle.
Catch the sheep by the head.
Back the sheep into the chair.
As the back legs hit the bottom crossbar, the rump (and most of the animal's weight) will fall into the webbing.
(Take care not to catch the rear legs in the 2 vertical chair legs.)
Complete the process by lifting the head upwards into the sitting position.

To unload:
With one hand, tip the chair forward with the sheep inside it. Allow the animal to fall out onto its feet. Hang onto the chair or you may be chasing the animal/chair combination around the pen.

Does not work well with horned animals. Their horns may become entangled with the netting.


Galvanized steel pipe with nylon webbing
Can support up to 500 lbs
Adjustable width for all sizes
Length is 40"
Maximum width is 16.5"
Bottom "legs" are 14"
Replacement webbing is available
Can be folded flat for easy storage and transporting with some disassembly.